Driving around the Grand Canyon (Day 3)

Our third day of our Grand Canyon adventure involved a drive around the south rim of the Canyon.


Our first glimpse of the Colorado River (responsible for carving out the Canyon)


My son, “Is Papa down there somewhere?”

I keep talking about the amazing views from the Canyon, but I can’t say it enough. It is an overwhelming kind of beauty that puts into perspective the size of a human life in the vastness of the world. I felt a similar kind of awe as a teenager when we went to the Rocky Mountains. The scope is simply so huge that you feel so very small.

I’m not going to have a lot of profound words in this post, I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves for a while.


My version of “close to the edge”



Gabriel and my mom get scary-danger-death close


Desert View Watchtower — great views from several different levels


Along the drive there were several areas where you can get out and learn about the wildlife in the Canyon and the different types of people who have lived in and around the Canyon over the years.

A few of the sign writers had a punny side to them:


A little Marvin Gaye, anyone? 

And a few of them were surprising… what I wanted to know was if there was a sign for the snakes telling them to not harm me!


We made it back to the lodge in time for some leisure time– ah yes, even time in the lodge can be fun!


Gabriel drawing pictures of the things he remembered from the trip

And I even took a solo walk to the rim at sunset to get a coffee.


The path from the lodge to the village at the rim


Such an amazing day filled with beauty!

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “Driving around the Grand Canyon (Day 3)

  1. Great post and fantastic photos! Having lived in Ireland for so many years and constantly seeing various shades of green, I find myself drawn to different colours. I would probably sit for hours and still not get enough of the utter magesty that is the Grand Canyon. Thanks for sharing and taking me along on your journey. Greetings from Ireland 😊 Aiva

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