When it’s Hard to Write

I sat down Sunday to write the next installment in my blog series about my travels with my son. My habit is to make the drive to pick him up from his weekend at his dad’s and chat about the blog topic on the drive home. Then, when we get home, he goes and does his things after a while, and I sit down with the laptop and piece it all together.

However, this Sunday it wasn’t that easy.

I had a wonderful weekend with my best friend from college. She and her husband live in Illinois with their adorable daughter (and my namesake), and I try to see them whenever I can. That hasn’t been easy here lately. I’d planned on going at the end of March (my spring break), but that obviously didn’t happen. So, since restrictions had finally started to lift, I decided to make the trip.

It was wonderful!

And I picked up my son.

It was wonderful!

Then we got home, and I made the mistake of popping on social media.

Suddenly the world pushed down harder and harder as I saw more and more hate-filled posts, people knowingly posting untruths because “they bring up a good point,” and posting venomous anger. So much anger. And it weighed me down – choking my soul so that my vision tunneled out the wonderful things of the weekend, and all I could see was this ever tightening ring of darkness, anger, hatred, and ignorance.

Suddenly I couldn’t write about the joys of visiting the Grand Canyon anymore. It seemed profane to think about happiness when so many people were hurting.

So what do you do when it’s hard to write?

I think you have to write anyway.

For me it was more of an “eventually” kind of situation. When that darkness starts choking, it becomes very difficult for me to do anything other than figuring out how to not choke. But today, I decided to write– not about the Grand Canyon, but write something. Later, I hope to be able to write about the Grand Canyon and the fun we had there. I know I will.

My final thought for today: Remember that all people are people. They have feelings, passions, families. Love people. All people.


6 thoughts on “When it’s Hard to Write

  1. Silly me. I don’t do Facebook, or follow social media. Except for the blog and following headlines at papers I read, I ignore a lot of stuff other than news organizations I trust. Maybe because of my background in news, sometimes one needs to compartmentalize as situations are going on. But of course, when idiots are in the driver’s seat carelessly stirring the car toward the cliff’s edge other idiots follow. One, myself, just sometimes wishes they would all just go over the edge and leave the rest of us in peace. Social media can be a good thing, hence the latest uncovering of misdeeds and criminal actions. But many also exploit it to their own end. And it does just make one angry. I sometimes wish Michael the Arch Angel would strike them dead. Take a breath. Jerry

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